Show off your curves with plus size lingerie

Any woman would feel incomplete if she does not have sexy lingerie to adorn. The money spent on lingerie is always worth it not just for its functionality or the feel good factor that it provides but for adding zing to your life. Women feel confident, sexy, beautiful and complete when they are wearing their favourite lingerie and why ever not? In fact, the conventional use of lingerie was just so that your man can be made special. This has changed completely now and sexy lingerie is used for men as well as women to feel better. So what about the ladies that are on the heavier side? Are you not entitled to the lingerie fun just because you carry a few more kilos? Well! The answer may come as a shock to the people who blindly running behind a size zero figure!


Plus sized women are just as much entitled to look and feel sexy as their counterparts. The main difference between them is of size alone, right? At least here there is so much more to love. So for all the plus sized women out there, you need not hide behind what look like tents for underwear. Get yourselves some naughty and sexy lingerie as soon as possible. How you ask? Here are a few tips to show off your plus size curves:

The right bra – when talking about lingerie, let’s begin with the basics. An ill fitted bra is sure to make you look bigger than you are. In fact, you may have some gorgeous curves that are hid behind all the fabric that you put around yourself. Even for daily wear, get a bra that fits well. Chances are that you may need something with an underwire to support the full bust that you carry. But instead of being embarrassed by your weight, why not flaunt your curves? A good bra will do just that!

The correct shape – remember that picking the right lingerie is about your shape rather than size. If you have thin and shapely arms with a full bosom but stubby feet then getting a halter dress will do you just right. The sultry look can be created by anybody when correctly fitted lingerie is chosen rather than just the popular choices. It is not necessary that you will look or feel good in a thong because your bestie swears by it. Make your own choices and possibly your own mistakes too.

The plus size lingerie market has picked up quite a bit in the last few years yet in the retail market you may not find everything that you are looking for. Shopping for it online is anytime a better idea for the sheer variety of products available in this category. Have fun with the kind of lingerie you wear rather than being conscious about your size. Remember that your man loves you the way you are. Learn to love yourself and show off your curves with some heavy duty plus size lingerie.



Like sarees, Lehenga is also a most traditional and ethnic attire a woman can adorn. Whether it is a party, family function, cultural programme, wedding ceremony – you can always choose to wear this outfit which gives you a royal look. Even it is very easy to wear. It has three sections – long flared pleated skirt like part is lehenga, the blouse part is choli comes with a long dupatta. There are many ways to wear this outfit. According to your wish, you can stylize the way to wear this attire and choose the way of looking more beautiful.

Cuts and Types:

Nowadays, Indian designers are experimenting on its cuts and silhouettes and coming with many new designs, and even these designs are depending on each woman’s body type. Based on the silhouettes and shapes of the body it has so many types.

The oldest and traditionally designed, broad, flared and pleated lehenga is called Circular/ Flared cuts,it looks good on thestraight shaped body. Mermaid / Fish-tailed cuts are tight at knees, flare the calves in the shape of thefishtail; it goes well with rectangle shaped body. Paneled cuts consist of ahorizontal panel of fabrics along with the flare of the lehenga. Tighter at thewaist, flared down to the bottom is A-line cuts, it is perfect for tall and straight shaped body. Sahara cut lehenga flows along with body curves. It goes well almost with all body types.

Half saree lehenga gives a virtual look of saree, and it looks good on thetall body. A new style of lehenga is a Lehenga with ajacket which comes with long embroidered jacket on the top. It looks nice on the tall body.

Consider some points while buying:

When you are going to buy a lehenga, there are certain things which should be considered.

Colour plays one of the most important parts while buying the outfit. If it is your wedding, you can always go for red colour which is commonly used by many brides. Otherwise, you can choose from green, blue, yellow or pink. But it is always better if you go for a colour which suits on your skin tone and complexion.

If you want to look slimmer and beautiful, consider its cuts and silhouettes based on your body type. You can go for Bollywood lehengas too which are largely ordered by most brides nowadays.

Based on the season choose your material that you can feel comfort while wearing it. Net, chiffon, cotton,etc. are good for summer and georgette; silk, velvet,etc. are good for winter.

Set your budget and go to a good store where cash and cards both will be accepted that you can avoid many unnecessary hassles.

You must check if the store provides alteration or not. Purchasing the outfit and getting it altered by an expert from the same store can make your shopping more hassle free and easier.

To discover more wedding lehengas and sarees shops in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Kolkata – visit –


How to Choose the Right online clothing store

Since some gentlemen and women, picking out the decent out-of-door clothing are really significant since we played out an expectant amount of money of time outsides. In that location is assorted brands and cases of dresses for you to pick out of, and so constricting your hunting to an particular demand is precise significant to assure the better deal. It dismissed footmarks such as:

Material – For summertime’s and wintertime’s, the fabric expended for outdoor dressing vary. If cotton cloth is the most suitable material for summertime’s, polyester or woolen outfits is what you’ll demand in wintertime’s. Fitting in to the weather condition, prefer a cloth that befits your necessitates.
Trade name – for each one material, there wish comprise a few trade name that ascend on the better deals. Their dresses will comprise from fantabulous choice, appealing design and cheap price range. At one time you shortly list a few trade names, hunting for dresses from those.

The Store – This daytime, the better batches about out-of-door clothing could constitute ascertained along respective online stores. Expend online SEs to find approximately beneficial clothing stores approximately your home. All the same, they are not essential that the store had better comprise approximately your home since most connected stores declare oneself complimentary shipping services versus clubs of sure lower limit amounts of money for Women Clothing Accessories .

Appropriate since you to provide to the style impulses from your buyers, you demand to bring out what the later manner of dressing are. These line, you’ll acknowledge what to browse as and so that you’ll be able to delight your buyers. These might sound as though a blow out to your earnings, especially while you keep going replacement your breeds on the most casual clothing for women. All the same, there has no cause for you to care. You’ll be able to bring through appreciable amount of money of immediate payment while you buy at for in large quantities Japanese style. This is the three significant abuses that bequeath assistance you to pick out the better outdoor dressing because you. On the correct merchandisers on beneficial selling reputation, you will be able to not entirely bring through profit simply as well could have the best clothes fashionable online clothing store.

How to Fight of Stains on Clothes

Stains on clothes are like guests that barge into your house without being invited and take control. They need to be dealt immediately before it is too late. If you fail to do so, you may have to pay a big price. In order to win a battle against your enemy you should first understand the basic nature of the enemy. The same logic can be applied in removing stains on clothes as well.

Different types of stains on clothes and how to remove them
Dye-based stains on clothes and their removal
The majority of the people love to have juicy fruits such as mangoes, oranges, grapes etc. However, if you are not careful enough you may end up staining your beautiful dress. Marks caused by the juicy fruits belong to the category of dye-based stains. Here are some of the methods by which you can remove juice spots from your clothes. The first step is to soak the stain in cold water. After that, soak the spot in the mixture of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid for some time. When it is completely soaked, wash it carefully. Another method to remove juice stains is to apply lemon juice onto the stain. Acid components in the lemon juice will act upon the juice stain forcing it out of clothes. It would be ideal if you expose the cloth to sunlight for drying after treating it with lemon juice. It is not advisable to introduce laundry soap directly to the juice spot since it can make it even more persistent.
Protein-based stains and how to remove them
Chances of your clothes getting stained by protein-based spots are high when you are sick and exhausted. Blood marks, stains caused by vomiting etc. are some of the examples of this variety. However, it would be unfair to name them as the only carriers of protein-based stains on clothes. There are other things as well that can leave your clothes with protein-based spots, for example, food items such as eggs, milk and the like that have high content of protein can end up staining your clothes with protein-based stains if slipped. Baking soda is one of the best options when it comes to the removal of this type of spots. Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 2 cups of water and apply it on the stain. Blot it thoroughly. After that, continue blotting with a moistened sponge so that the nauseating smell produced by the spot is completely gone. Hydrogen peroxide is highly effective as far as the protein-based stains are concerned. Pour a smidgen of hydrogen peroxide onto the affected area. Wait until you see bubbles on the surface of the cloth. When this is finished, carefully blot it using a soaked sponge and then wash it properly. However, this method needs extra care since the overuse of hydrogen peroxide can damage the cloth. Hence, you should seek the advice of experts before using peroxide. If you are out and your clothing gets stained by blood due to some minor injury you can remove the spot by spitting on it. Saliva produced by your mouth has enough capability to force the blood stains out of the cloth. But this method is applicable only if the spot is spread to a limited area.

Oil-based stains and ways to remove them
When you deal with cooking oil and other materials such as butter, deodorants and the like your clothes are likely to be stained. These stains are called oil-based ones. This is the reason why you have your aprons and other kitchen clothes stained almost everywhere. You can get these spots removed if you use the combination of cornstarch and dish soap. First, disperse cornstarch over the affected area and allow it to soak completely for 30 minutes or an hour. Then, rub the stain with dish soap and wash it as per the instructions. Unlike other types, these stains cannot survive hot water since oil has the tendency to melt when exposed to heat. Therefore, it is safe to soak them in hot water. Hair shampoo is also highly recommended for removing these spots.
If dealing with stains on clothes is a battle, then these methods are your efficient weapons.

How to Determine Whether Enough Baby Clothes

Many parents think that in the cold winter, baby clothes, the less likely across multiple cold sick, does not. Experts say children have been enough action, metabolism is also fast, if too much dressing, but do not know the play activities less clothing wipe sweat, so it is easy to let the babe because sweaty clothes in case the wind cold. In addition, the children too much dressing, body temperature and the outside temperature difference is too large, vulnerable to external environmental stimuli cause colds. So, should avoid excessive winter baby fashion clothes, and timely replacement of Hanjin to avoid the cold.

images (1)
Winter kid clothing without leakage key
Winter child clothing should follow the principle of what? Winter kids clothing lies in not air leakage, underwear should be long enough to close in the pants, can also be considered to protect the belly wearing pants or coveralls. chikdren shirt collar is not too large, so as to avoid exposing the shoulders, socks, stockings should be long enough to prevent ankle cold. Chikdren’s clothes thickness, number of layers of different materials have different effects according to the basic will not be much different from adults.
How to determine whether enough kids clothes to wear? If your kids is back with sweat, palms sweat, they’re dressed too much, you can unlock Yikou heat or took off his jacket to change into a vest. If your children or cold hands and feet began to sneeze.
Remind parents, although sometimes the baby cold hands and feet, but the back was sweating, this time not to wear less clothes, parents need to make baby more limbs, hands and feet will be warm.
baby winter clothing TIPS
Many mothers ignore the little boy’s underwear, lingerie actually feel the child’s skin is especially important. children need to wear soft cotton underwear, so not only can absorb sweat, but also let the air retained in the surrounding skin, blocking the body heat is lost, they are not easy to get sick, so be sure to soft close underwear.
2, shoes and socks to fit socks must be dry, the air is much higher than the water warm, humid if the child’s socks, socks, squeezing out the air inside, the boy is easy to catch a cold. boy shoes to fit, too large, then make your feet heat loss, too small, then put shoes and socks cotton, lint- extrusion firm, thus affecting the storage capacity of the air inside the shoe while still not a good insulation.

3 When ready to go out hats and scarves
The best for the child to wear when going out with a boy hat and scarf, so you can maintain a constant body temperature, because the boy is a lot of heat emitted by the head, the thickness of the hat with the temperature decrease thickened. Do not give your kid often wear masks or protective mouth with a scarf, often this will reduce the girl ‘s respiratory adaptation to cold, lack of resistance to some diseases. Also, do not use a scarf to protect the mouth, scarves fibers and bacteria can cause the asthma, are likely to affect the baby lung ventilation.

How to Choose Right Reflective Clothing

There is always risk of accidents in industries like mining and construction and preventive measures should be taken from potential health hazards. Safety tools, equipment maintenance, warning signs, proper training and protective reflective clothing, are necessary for creating a safe working environment. The two major areas, which should be taken care of, are low visibility and excess noise especially in the construction and mining industries.

images (7) Both of these precautions are essential to protect employees in the workplace There are a few things, which should be considered while selecting reflective clothing, which are mentioned below:
” Colour- the colour you choose should be bright, fluorescent and meet current safety standards. The currently approved colours are Saturn Orange and Saturn Yellow both of which meet EN471 standards within Europe and ANSI standards in the USA. As well as using approved materials and colours the garments should contain reflective tape fitted to the main body and arms.
” Size and fit- when a worker is working in dark environments contrasting and fluorescent colors should be used to make him visible from different directions. The fit should be proper giving ample space for wearing clothes underneath. Make sure it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
” Contrast and brightness- in normal day light they will appear as bright normal colors but when seen in dusk or dark environments the reflective tapes will reflect light brightly. Reflective Armbands, in fluorescent colors also work well as a low cost accessory or when worn with other items Hi Viz Clothing
” Purpose: Wearing reflective clothes and accessories is also important in many other environments other than the workplace. factor. They can be worn for general safety when cycling, walking or riding by both children and adults. Reflective children’s clothing are a good option for helping to keep your child safe. Child Hi Visibility clothes and accessories are inexpensive and can be great fun for children to wear. In addition to offering increased visibility for the wearer many of the Hi Viz Clothing products serve normal purposes such as foul weather protection offering both warmth and protection from wind, rain and snow
By making use of above-mentioned points, you can get the best reflective clothing and best value for your money.
Another term for high visibility is Hi Vis or Hi Vis and fluorescent yellow is the common colour though there are also other colours like orange and green.

High visibility clothing is a type of protective clothing with high reflective qualities. The colour is generally very bright and typically a bright orange or yellow. It is worn for specific functions and safety.

How to Be Successful in Wholesale Women Fashion Clothing Online

How to be successful in wholesale women fashion clothing online
Online wholesale women fashion clothing is a good business opportunity. This is because of the low cost involved in starting the business. Some costs are not incurred in this type of business. This include the location, the cost of buying or renting the building. You will save the costs of licensing and renting fees. In addition, you hire few people for your online business. You need to be conversant with the women fashion and networking only. These are the key factors of this wholesale clothes business. You need to connect with your suppliers and the exporters of the clothes.

images (6)
The most important factor is to decide the type of women you want to deal with. This will enable you to look for their wholesale clothes. You will also get the opportunity to survey the current trends in the market and the changing fashion.
Identify your competitors. Find out what they are doing to sustain their businesses. Find out where they get their wholesale clothes. This will make you equally competitive and in a position to win more customers. You need to learn from other established companies. This will make the process of running the business very easy.
After discovering your market, you need to search for the best supplier. You need a very reliable supplier that will deliver the goods in time. Make sure the supplier meet your expectations of the type of the women clothing you require. You need to inquire from friends and also relatives about the supplier you have chosen. You can decide to sell clothes from established wholesalers. This is when you cannot trust the dealers involved in supplying your goods.
You need to set up a website. This involves purchasing a domain name and also the web space. After making the website, you need to post the different types of wholesale clothes available and the beautiful pictures of the clothes. Then you will have to wait for customers to make orders, you will deliver the goods through the exporter after the payment is made.

When purchasing the clothes online from the supplier, you must ensure that the clothes are fashionable and have the best design. Buy the clothes from the suppliers that sell them at a cheaper price so that you make some reasonable profit.
Keep your records properly to keep track of the profits you make. Learn to commit yourself to the business so that you can make as much profit as possible.

How Much do Baby Clothing Brands Matter?

Buying designer brand baby clothing can be a real waste of money, especially considering that babies grow more in their first year out of the womb than they will again in their entire lives. Buying designer brands in adolescent clothing is a bit different; not only are adolescents concerned for their appearance, but their growth spurts are less frequent, and they are less messy. Buying designer brand baby clothing is probably best reserved for special occasions.

images (5)
Department Store Baby Clothing
Low-end department stores often have several different brands of baby clothing; some stores carry brands that are made by the same companies as in higher-end stores. For example Wal-Mart’s brand “Just One” is actually made by Carters, what a person may save in the initial cost of purchasing the lowest price items available, will likely be re-accrued in the price of replacing items that wear out.
Some department stores have better quality brands of baby clothing than others; reading labels carefully and looking for trusted names like Gerber, Carter’s, and Oskosh are good ideas to ensure quality and value. Yes babies grow very quickly, and yes, babies are messy; but purchasing clothing that won’t last a growth spurt is just a waste of money.
Some brands of baby clothing such as Carter’s and Gerber have ultra soft cottons with tagless shirts and very cute coordinating soft knit and fleece pants. Also these brands of baby clothing are easier to buy because they are so widely available and they stay so true to size; Carter’s or Gerber brand baby clothing will not vary in size from store to store.
Boutique Baby Clothing
As a novelty or for a special occasion buying baby clothes from a children’s boutique can be a fun idea, these usually carry either several brands of baby clothing or some times only their own designer name; either way children and baby boutiques can have fun and one of a kind designs that parents will love to show off on their fun and one of a kind design. These stores can be particularly helpful when picking out a very specialized outfit in a hard size like a suit for a nine month old or a flower girl dress for a twelve month old.
Consignment Baby Clothing Stores
Consignment baby stores often carry clothes and other frequently but shortly used items; some of these items often include swings, highchairs, infant carriers, bassinets, and various brands of name brand baby clothing. This may be a fun choice for parents on a budget which want the pricy designer names with more of a department store price; these stores are more like thrift stores than a typical store, however they have a much higher quality control as they pay for the clothes and other items as well as sell them.
Typically consignment children/baby clothing stores only accept gently used items, and will divide their clothing racks by both size and name brand of baby clothing. The best condition clothes are usually in sizes smaller than six months as babies can’t walk or feed themselves, there for less messy and less occurrence of stains.
Shopping For Babies

Shopping for babies of any age is fun, no matter what brand of baby clothing, the tiny sizes, unique patterns, softness of materials, and joy of imagining a baby in the clothes make the entire experience enjoyable. Brands in baby clothing often only matter to the parents, quality should really dictate which brands are purchased.

High Visibility Clothing for Workers Safety!

Clothing made with bright or fluorescent materials known as high viz clothes. Stripts of reflective material also used to emphasis as these clothes usually used for safety purpose. Ultravoilet rays of sun react with the fluorescent colors to make them glow in daytime. At night, source light bounces off the reflective area to make them glow.

images (4)
There are certain professions that require high viz clothes for workers while they are on the job. Especially for transportation, construction area, police apparel, security firms and railway workwear. There are many brands such as Pulsarail, Praybourne, PulsaNeon for railway clothing to incorporate railway workwear specially designed with safety purpose.
The high viz clothes are available in many form such as high visibility jackets, waist coats, trousers, polos, t-shirts, fleece, bodywarmer, coverall, paramedic, tabard and many other. Customisation with company logo or embroidered text is the best way for workwear. There are varieties of high viz clothing or jackets available from thermal performance garments, heat sealed to flame retardant and many more.
Few of below things are needed while using high viz clothes.
High visibility at Daytime:
High viz colors or fluorescent colors help for better visible at daytime or at sundown.
They work actually well in rainy weather and when sundown starts. In rainy season it is hard to see a person walk away or cyclists for drivers so, it is better to carry something high visible or fluorescent.
These clothing looks bright as they emits and absorb different kinds of light.
Range of fluorescent colors:
Bright colors as yellow, orange, red, green and pink are used for high visibility clothes.
Orange and yellow high viz jackets are usually used under safety and health laws. These types of color clothes are mostly used by postal workers, police officers, construction workers and truck drivers.
Orange color is used for lifejackets as clearly visible in blue and grey water.
High viz lime as well orange color is generally used for rail workers. These specially manufactured garments are with reflective stripes to keep them safe and visible while working.
Lime and green combination with reflective stripes is usually used for paramedical purpose with highest level of breathability.

Horse riders or motorbike riders are preferred to wear pink high viz clothing.
High visible with reflective stripes at Night:
Special reflective material like retro-reflective are used at night for better visibility.
For Street clothing limited visibility around 200 feet is usually used at night, but some high viz clothing are available with LED or flashlights for more visibile from longer distance.

Helping Your Baby Learn to Crawl, Whilst Reducing the Time You Spend Washing All Their Extra Clothing

Crawling babies are a lot of hard work. Every parent knows that as a fact! Keeping them safe becomes a problem, particularly as this is also the period that a baby learns to stand and to pull things off shelves and high places. Keeping baby clean can also be an issue and choosing clothing for babies can be challenging as even the cleanest of floors are not only slippery, but leave dark stains on the knee pads of much loved clothes.

images (3)
Best Clothing Choices for the Mobile Baby
1. The best clothes to dress your baby in if he or she is either preparing to crawl or beginning to crawl are loose fitting styles that don’t restrict movement. Couple this with plenty of floor time in a safe environment and your baby will enjoy hours of important muscle strengthening play.
2. Nappies and singlets or t-shirts coupled with lightweight leggings are the best clothes for a baby, and in colder climates where minimal clothing is impossible, try to keep your baby in fitted one-piece suits but without too many layers on the outside. Having the layered clothes on the inside of the one piece reduces the issues of clothes rolling up and preventing or restricting movement.
3. When washing baby clothes with crawling or food stains, check the labels and ensure you only use soaps or hot water if the clothes are labelled as suitable to wash in this way. If your baby has any allergies, also check that whatever you are using to soak or wash your baby clothes is suitable for anyone with allergies. Pure soap flakes smell wonderful and are extremely low irritants, whilst providing a bright clean.
Use brands labelled for babies to soak items prior to washing and if you are washing an item you want to be soft and fluffy such as fleece or similar fabrics, use half to a cup of white vinegar in the wash to produce a natural soft feel to clothes without irritating chemicals. Fabric softeners can build up in clothes over time and produce localised skin irritations.

4. Because crawling babies will require many clothes changes, choose wash and wear clothing items that require little extra care. Choose dark colours to prevent dirt stains showing on the knees of leggings. One piece leggings and baby suits also reduce the need to use baby socks, which usually come off when a baby is crawling and can easily get lost.